Why Is Water Treatment Important?


“The first system of drinking water supply to an entire city was carried out by John Gibb, in 1804, who managed to supply filtered water to the city of Glasgow, Scotland” but know global hydration is the main provider of water treatment system. There is a lot of talk about the importance of water treatment and how it has improved over time, but do we really know what this is about?


The objective of a water treatment system is the elimination of unwanted substances frequently found in the feed water and / or in the well water with aqueous solids (sand from waste streams, dirt, sludge and oxides).

The inadequate treatment of water generated by human activities is one of the main causes of pollution of groundwater, fluvial and marine waters and the alteration and degradation of associated ecosystems. That is why, since ancient Rome, humanity has strived to find an effective method to treat and clean water.

Types of water treatment:

Wastewater treatment: The wastewater can come from industrial or agricultural activities and domestic use. Industrial water treatments are very varied, depending on the type of contamination.

Drinking water treatment: It is called potable water to all structures where is the water so it becomes suitable for human consumption.

Types of water filtration currently used

  • Conventional filtration
  • Direct filtration
  • Filtration with diatomaceous earth
  • Slow filtration with sand
  • Filtration with bag or cartridge
  • Ceramic filtration
  • Biological filtration with sand
  • Water treatment

What is the importance of water treatment?

  1. Protect Public Health and the Environment . If the wastewater is to be discharged into a natural receiving body (sea, rivers, lakes), it is necessary to carry out a treatment to avoid diseases caused by bacteria and viruses in people who come into contact with these waters.


  1. To protect the fauna and flora present in the natural receptor body (sea, rivers, lakes).


  1. Re-use of treated water : There are activities in which it is not necessary to use drinking water strictly and that can be done with treated water, without any risk to health, such as:

Irrigation of Green Areas (roundabouts, ridges, gardens, recreation centers, parks, sports fields, ornamental fountains)

Industrial and service (washing yards and industrial warehouse, vehicle fleet washing, toilets, heat exchangers, boilers, water curtains, etc.)

  1. Guarantee that there will be no harmful effects to health by coming into contact with the water treated in the activities described above. This type of objectives involve higher level treatments, which generally involve the implementation of the best technologies.

That is why we can say that water treatment is of great importance for the care and development of different ecosystems while taking care of the health of the human being and the planet itself. After having learned more about the subject, please tell us: Do you think that water treatment is developed correctly in your city and is focused on caring for the planet? If you need water treatment system in your state for a small business, project or any company then global hydration is one who provides you the all water treatment system for more details check global hydration.


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