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Whatsapp Update For IOS To Bring Video Calling Feature, Rumors

After receiving voice calling feature on WhatsApp, users getting excited to get video calling feature in their giant devices as series of rumors fueling their hunger but the makers still kept their mouth shut over the topic.
If TNH Online latest report is to be believed the designers of WhatsApp will have started working on an upcoming video calling for the app but didn’t announce so far about it, though a well-known German website Macerkopf also revealed regarding feature publishing its expected look.
The Germans published some screenshots of expected video calling feature that seems to be a beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. When it comes to observe its screenshots, demonstrating complete designed interface of video calling feature and that thing has raised the hunger of fans.
Nonetheless, Whatsapp has become world’s most-liked messenger with its simple use regarding fastest, image, video, and audio sharing but some of the experts have been claimed that the developers will give all of surprise soon with update
The latest reports are also telling that the users of Whatsapp will also experience multi-tab user interface that will obviously raise its ranking worldwide. According to leaked information, multiple chat tabs will allow the users to move back easily to the main chat screen.
It also said to be in reports, the new feature will give users better experience and would be more user-friendly.
With addition of video calling feature as well multi-tab user interface, Whatsapp can easily beat other competitor Hangouts and Viber who are providing a similar feature to their users.
The Whatsapp thought to be one of the easiest messenger just because of fastest texting, voice calling and audio-video sharing as compared to Skype and hence successfully attracting everyone towards it.

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