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Will Smith Slams Republican Nominee Donald Trump For Call Muslim Immigrant Ban

Most successful Hollywood actor Will Smith slaps the Nominee of Republican Party Donald J. Trump on base of his statement that Mr. Trump said that he is going to ban the immigration of Muslims in America.
Will Smith the most expensive actor of Hollywood and the actor of Suicide Squad during the media interview from the platform of Suicide Squad in Dubai he was asked about the statement given by the business tycoon of America Donald J. Trump in which he shows the hate growing inside himself for the Muslims.
Donald J. Trump said that if he becomes the president of the Free State America he will ban the immigration of Muslims in America as all the Muslims are terrorist and they spread terrorism all over the world and he don’t want that Muslims will destroy the Peace of America.
In Reply of statement the Hollywood actor who presents the character of Muhammad Ali in his film Ali in 2001 said that it is very shame full moment for the America that they dislike all the Muslims but the American Nation knows very well that the entire terrorist are Muslims but all the Muslims are not terrorist.
Further he said that he is in Dubai a Muslim state but here is not facing any sort disliking he is moving and wandering around tweeting the comments and pictures instead he is really this to stay in Dubai as he gets a lot of love from public in Dubai.
And he feels shame full that he is an American on side America one by one releasing the harsh comments about them but they treat us like brothers and Will Smith said that I am thing to shift in a Muslim State as he feel shame full to b an America.

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