18 Women Killed in Result of Boko Haram’s Militants Firing at Adamawa


The militants of Takfiri Boko Haram terrorist group opened their fires on a funeral ceremony and set many houses on fire in result of these terrorist activity 18 women had lost their lives. This terrorist activity was attempted in Adamawa it is in the north east side of Nigeria.


According to the local residents and witness of these terrorist activities are attempted in a village of Kuda which is close to Sambisa Forest where all these militants of Boko Haram group was hiding in camps for their own protection from Nigerian military.

According to the witness this attack on funeral ceremony was attempted on 5:00 pm according to the local time of Nigeria and GMT of Nigeria is 1600. This terrorist activity was attempted on Thursday.

On Thursday evening when the crowd of people was in funeral ceremony than militants of Takfiri Boko Haram group came on motor cycles and opened their fires on these innocent people after that they set some houses on fire too.

In result of this terrorism attack 18 women died on the spot and round about 10 are injured and these injured women are transferred in a hospital in Gulak it is the advanced and nearest town to the Adamawa.

After this attack everyone was very scared and no one moves forward to help the injured and dying women after an hour when militants are gone than people move forward to help them and pick the dead bodies of women.

This is not the exact figure of died women more than 18 are dead and the injured are in very critical condition doctors asks that to transfer these surviving peoples into a better hospital here these are not treated well these women need proper medical attention.