2 Bomb Blasts in Thailand’s Southern Portion, 1 Killed 30 Injured


BANGKOK: According to the police report of Thailand 2 bomb blasts take place in a famous Thai Hotel and in result of these blast only one person is killed and 30 are injured.


These one by one two bomb blasts take place in the southern portion of Thailand in Pattani Province and this province is one the three provinces which is most of the most of the Muslims of Thailand lives.

First bomb blast takes place in a View Hotel and this hotel is situated in the southern portion first terrorist target the car park lot of hotel which is situated at the back side of the hotel but fortunately not even a single person is killed or injured in the result of this bomb blast.

After this first blast second bomb blast takes place in the front side of the hotel and in this attack the bomb blaster use a medical truck which was stolen from a Hospital of Thailand few days.

Before this medical truck was parked in front of the hotel near the entrance point of Hotel in result of this second bomb blast 1 person is killed and other 30 are injured and all these 30 are transferred in to the hospital and according to the report of doctor the condition of 5 injured is dangerous otherwise other injured person are out of danger.

After these two blasts the fist statement came on media about the casualties and injured people is by Pattani provincial police commander Major General Thanongsak Wangsupa he said that “So far there is one killed and more than 30 injured,”

Before these two blasts a series of blasts takes place in Thailand in this series most popular tourist places are on the line and many people are killed, injured in this series of blast.