20 Civilians Killed In A Blast Near Hazrat Zainab Shrine, Responsibility Claimed By ISIS Millitants


On Saturday two bombs attack were attempted near the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Bibi Zainab in Damascus capital of Syria in these bomb blasts 20 civilians were killed and 55 were injured.


One after another two bomb blasts were attempted first attack was a suicide bomb blast in this attack a person appears in front of Hazrat Zainab Shrine, when people noticed him and came close to him for dialogue he blew him up and those people who were close to him are all dead and many other were injured.

After some time of this attack a car running very fast and crashed into the market behind the Shrine of Hazrat Zainab and that car was also loaded with bomb.

In the result of this car blast the side of market in which the car was crashed was totally destroyed and the material placed in there was all burned and many people were died also died in this attack also.

There is a very strange element in these attacks was that these two attacks were attempted where the last three attacks were attempted near the Shrine of Hazrat Zainab during this year including these attacks the total number of attacks attempted near the Shrine of Hazrat Zainab were 5.

In these two latest attacks almost 20 civilians have lost their lives and other 55 civilians were injured.

The responsibility of these 2 suicide attacks was accepted by the ISIS militants and they said that they have done these attacks after proper planning.

According to Human Rights Origination in Damascus 30 people from these 55 injured people were in serious condition and there is no chance that these injured people can survive and militants of ISIS targeted the civilians they don’t want to damage the Shrine or any other thing they just want to kill the civilians.