2017 Award Season: Hollywood’s Red Carpet Besties Revealed


Hollywood has proved that Award ceremony is not special if you are not with your best friends forever. 2017 Oscars is the proof of this friendship that revealed on red carpet two Hollywood friends were celebrating together.

It has been seen from Golden Globes Awards to SAG Awards that besties has been seen celebrating and enjoying with close pal in these ceremonies.

In this news we are pointing towards true outstanding five groups who have displayed true colors of friendship goals to whole world. Serious girls power, worthy photographs and backstage reunions have declared their true friendship.

Brie Larson and Emma Stonewere seen together at back stage of Shrine Auditorium at SAG Awards and Brie stated that Emma was kind of my mentor in this success and she always texted with me and supported me saying that you are in Tv and see o My Gosh now I am here.

Viola Davis and Meryl Streep they were seen in past month at Viola’s Hollywood walk of frame ceremony, during a commercial break at SAG Awards they embraced each other and showed biggest hug for friendship.

Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips, they are longtime friends and seen together at every party and in SAG Awards they Michelle celebrated her success “Manchester by the Sea” and Busy Phillips was with her.

Janelle Monae, Octavia Spencer and Taraji P.Henson, they not only posed together for red carpet but also for a cast they also celebrated their win together which shows their lovable chemistry with each other.

Sunny pawar and Dev Patel developed a special friendship as they spend month for promoting their movie Lion. To the Daily Telegraph Dev said some words about his co-star that,”He is our little mascot on this movie”.


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