27 Yemeni Soldiers Killed In Mukalla In Offensive Fight Against Al-Qaeda Militants


On Wednesday Military officials and Medics said, in Government offensive at least 27 soldiers were killed while 60 Military soldiers were injured that backed by Saudi-Allied forces which expelled out Al-Qaeda Militants from southeastern city of Yemen.


According to the Foreign News Agency, in the leadership of Saudi-led Coalition forces at least 27 Yemeni soldiers killed while there are 60 soldiers who wounded in this attack in ongoing operation against the Al-Qaeda Militants in the provincial capital of Hadramawt, Mukalla, Yemen. But Military also suffered from causalities as the result of ongoing fight in the city.

Al-Qaeda Militans held this city from over a year. It is also be cleared that in the leadership of Saudi-led Coalition forces, around 800 casualties of extremist organization Al-Qaeda resulted.

These government troops were backed by Special Forces from United Arab Emirates as well as by Saudi Arabia. However, capturing of Mukalla is the part of the counter offensive against the extremist group of Al-Qaeda that governed by pro-government forces.

A resident said on Wednesday, the life in Makulla backed to a normal routine, a city with 200,000 residents. The staff of the Makulla Airport reported back after a huge gap of a year when terrorist group Al-Qaeda and Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) took charge of the city last year in April.

When extremist organizations Al-Qaeda and Arabian Peninsula took the control of city, they imposed strictly the laws of Shria by prohibiting the utilization of light narcotics that is the central piece of Yaman social life as well as they demolished the tombs of highly revered Sufi’s mystic.

In November 2002, Washington waged a drone war against Arabian Peninsula and claimed the death of master mind of October bombing in 2000 in which 17 killing were made of United States sailor at the southern port of Aden.