3 Chicago Cops Recovering After Shootout That Left Suspect Dead And 1 Arrested


Three police officers got serious damages given by unidentified gunman in result of shooting occurred in Homan Square neighborhood Chicago but in reply attacker killed on the spot and his lady fellow arrested by security forces for further investigation.


According to latest international news report, group of police officers are giving their services on duty in famous wide 3700 block of West Polk Street then, suddenly, a unknown gunman started firing on police in which almost 3 men got serious wounds but fighter also killed on the spot and one woman who blamed about giving help for that attack arrested by security and shifted to secret cell for the purpose of getting detail of future planning.

Sources told that firstly, detail of one police officer who suffered from shooting but after few moments other two fellows also wounded before 10 p.m. One of them was in serious condition but hospital management still giving better treatment for recovery of wounds.

Recently, Chicago Police implemented strict policy against drug dealers and other bad group of people in result of that department killed many highlighted criminals.

On Monday night, a shootout occurred between Drug sellers and Chicago Police in which one illicit person who is trying to snatch the right of illegal holds killed by police on the spot and one fellow woman also in detention for more investigation but three senior officers got damaged in that event.

For last couple of days, undercover narcotics agents prevailed first information about big drug dealing in city suspected with weapon transfer.

Fro last 30 days, group of 30 police officers are giving their best late night duties for stoppage of that dealing that’s why one fighter opened fire for but executed in few seconds now, everyone is in peaceful environment after that fight.