3 Continuous Bomb Blasts in Turkey, 2 Civilians 4 Police officers 5 Soldiers Killed ,300 Injured


ANKARA: Military forces and police officers are on the hit list of rebels and PKK workers as 3 continuous bomb blasts takes place in Turkey in result of these blasts 2 civilians 4 police officers along with 5 military soldiers are killed and 300 people are injured.


A streak of 3 bomb blasts takes place in Turkey on Thursday and this time again the military forces as well as the police officers are on the hit list of bomb blasters as usual because these security agencies are providing protection to the public.

Later on that morning 2 suicide car bomb blasts take place on the police stations on Elazig and Van one by one and these bomb blasts are responsible to take lives of 8 people are killed and 219 are injured but the PKK workers are not satisfied with this huge amount of destruction.

After destroying these two police stations Elazig and Van hey move forward to target a van of Military soldiers as these soldiers are returning back from a dispute with PKK workers and this clash takes place in Gayda village where these killers are hiding and in the result of this clash one village guard as well as one soldier was injured.

When the group of these Military soldiers is returning back than PKK workers target the van of these soldiers and this attack by the workers 5 soldiers are killed and 4 are injured these attack really scare the public of Turkey now public afraid to pass through the Police Stations and offices of Security Agencies.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım take notice on these attacks and they also visited the injured people to take report that what is going on and how many are injured.