3 Suicide Attacks kill 40 Soldiers Dozen Of Soldiers Civilians Injured in Yemen


Three suicide attacks take place in Yemen one after another and these suicide attacks done on a large scale in these suicide attacks minimum 34 military soldiers and 40 civilians are dead this just an estimate till now there are no exact figures.


These all attacks are attempted to kill the military soldiers the attacks attempted one by one and the time chosen by the terrorist if fast breaking time when the sun sets and all the soldiers sit together to break their fasts.

In these attacks 40 military officers have lost their lives 34 are injured badly and number of civilians injured in these suicide attacks is in dozens till now there is no exact figure it is fear that more soldiers are also killed but till now their dead bodies are missing.

The First attack is a Suicide attack a men enters in to the military intelligence office at Fwah area and blew himself when he sure that now maximum soldiers going to be dead in this first suicide attack 10 military officers including 5 civilians lost their lives and 40 military officers including civilians are injured in these injured civilians kids and women are include.

According to the military of defense the second attack is attempted outside the building of Intelligence office at Fawh area this time this is a suicide car bomb attack which creates allot of damage and in this attack 13 military soldiers including 5 civilians are dead in injured people 13 are I critical condition.

The third and last attack was attempted on a military check post in this check post there is a crowd of people at that time as everyone was in hurry to reach its home and this attack is also a suicide car bomb attack in this attack 11 military soldiers 12 civilians are dead and 35 people are injured.
Till now there in so further report as investigation of these attacks is just started.