35 Killed Fire In China After Long-Distance Bus Crashes Into Guardrail


Round about 35 people killed in a bus accident and 11 are injured when bus sets on fire after crash in Hunan province at China.

A regular passenger bus of long route is running on one of the highway of Hunan province at China the is running at high speed than immediately bus crash into the Barrier along the side of the highway in result of this crash the bus sets on fire as the bus is totally operated through controllers the doors of the bus are jammed because due to fire and heat the wire circuits of the bus are damaged and doors are not opening.

Due to this issue all the passengers are stuck inside the bus now all the passengers knows that the death is front of them but some passengers tried hard to get out from the bus and start breaking the windows and trying to open the doors during all this activities the bus sets on fire people is dying due to fire and heat everyone is screaming.

At that time the others road crosser stopped and tried to help them in these whole effort 35 passengers died and 11 were burned badly in these 11 passengers 2 died when these injured passengers are transferring to the hospital.

In further details it was confirmed that 35 passengers lost their lives and 21 are transferred to the hospital in these injured passengers 12 are in critical condition and 2 have lost their lives.

In further investigation the reason of crash is that the oil is leaking from the tank and due to this issue the back wheels of the bus are covered in oil and lost their grip on the road the driver cannot control’s the bus and bus crashed into the barrier of the highway due to this crash oil got spark and started burning this is how whole bus sets on fire.