370 Kg Cocaine Found From Coca-Cola Plant Situated In France, Worth Of Cocaine Is € 50 Million


PARIS: a huge amount of cocaine is found from a plant of Coca-Cola situated in France the weight of cocaine is 370 Kg and the worth of this cocaine is € 50 million.


This huge amount of cocaine is found in a barrel of orange juice which was send in the this plant of Coca-Cola form South America as this company also extract juice of different fruits to make juices and for this purpose this Plant also import juices as well as fruits from different countries.

Signes is a village situated in the southern portion of France and in this village the plant of Coca-Cola is fixed as this plant import barrels of orange juices from South America and when the company workers open these barrels than a barrel is filled with 370 kg of cocaine.

At that time the management of plant calls the local police and shows the whole situation that this huge amount of cocaine is delivered to France from the Southern portion of America the police first decided to arrest the workers of Plant that they are involved in the import of cocaine.

But that similar moment the regional president of Coca-Cola in France Jean-Denis Malgras said that the workers of plant are innocent as the first inform the management that cocaine is found from the barrel of orange juice so it is dram sure that the workers are not involved in this matter.

Further the management of Coca-Cola said it is true that there is cretin amount of cocaine is present in the drink known as Coca-Cola but they dot added this cocaine by their selves this amount of cocaine produces when the extract the juice of Coca leaves for making this soft drink.