38 Migrants Include 20 Children Died In Nigerian Desert While Going To Algeria Illegally


On Wednesday dead bodies of 34 migrants which include 20 children were found in the desert of Nigeria last week while crossing the desert to reach Algeria by illegal means.


These all 34 migrants were supplied by human suppliers in Nigeria these all 34 people are the prey of human trafficking.

These 34 people include 5 men 9 women and 20 children. These dead bodies were found by the ministry of Nigeria while the police of that area was patrolling in that area.

The report said that these all people were illegally going to Algeria it is a neighbor country of Nigeria and these people were going to Nigeria for a better life as the economic situation of Algeria is very good as compare to Nigeria.

The report said that these all people died because thrust and hunger as smugglers don’t provides them anything and these all also become the victims of sand storms and suffering a lot of heat the normal temperature of Nigerian desert in day time is 44 degree Celsius.

Most of the people can’t bear these harsh conditions and lost their lives most of the dead bodies were placed together but a dead body of a man and a women of 26 years was found far away from the others these two tried their level best to reach Algeria but unable to achieve their goal.

This group might be dead between 6-12 Junes but fond on Wednesday.

Last year round about 1, 24,000 people cross this desert and reach to Algeria and only 38 were died but this year due to sand storms and a lot of heat many people were dead this is the only group which was found by the agencies this year.