40 Migrants Included Several Children Drown Off Near Turkey’s Coast


Migrant crises increasing, a big boat capsized near Turkey’s beeches in which almost 40 people drown off died included many women and children, rescue teams saved 75 from sea’s layers.


According to a news report, many people use wrong way of shifting to another country in search of employment. A big migrant’s boat packed with 150 people included many children capsized near Turkey’s coast in which almost 40 people drown off and Turkish guards made immediately rescue operation and saved 75 from ocean waves.

All migrants who have died belonged to Syria, Afghanistan and Myanmar and police also try to find out the actual sender of these people from all saved community who shifted to hospital for better treatment in presence of security officials.

Turkish coast guards told in front of media all drowning people are trying to reach in Greece when their ship capsized.

Turkish coast Guards also arrested a man near from beeches who blamed to smuggle lot of people to another countries through ship. An international association for migration told that drowning deaths are increasing every day and mostly people used the way of Turkish coast for getting entry in European states.

Recently, two small boats full of many Syrian and Iraqi people who were tried to enter in Greece capsized near Turkish Aegean coast in which 26 people died and now, another migrant’s ship drown off along with 40 refugees. In 2015, a local agency recorded 805 drowning deaths on route of Turkey to Greece.

A Turkish government’s official told that we are trying to reduce these cases but many illegal groups gave lot of green signals to migrants about better employment and high living standard to migrants’ only for common payments. Thousands people succeeded to cross country’s boundary to another state every year by using ocean way.