5 Dallas Texas Police Officers Killed During Protest Of Black Men


In America at Dallas Texas two black men are killed by the police officers when this news got heat that two black men are killed by white police officers than the whole community of black men started protest against this murder in this protest 5 police officers are killed by black men.


It is clear that in America there is a great difference between black men and white men in America community of white men is strong that black men white men always resist the black men and don’t allow black men to live a peaceful life in America.

On Friday evening two police officers belongs to the white men community kills two black men but the reason is not clear that why they killed the black men as there is no criminal record of those black men who are killed by the white men.

When this news becomes viral that police officers killed two black men without reason than the whole community of black men comes on road to protest against these two murders police of Dallas Texas tries its level best to stop this protest but unable to control the crowd.

At that time when police is busy in controlling the crowd than an unknown person started firing on police officers from an unknown direction in result of this firing 3 police officers were killed at the spot and two of the police officers are transferred to the hospital as they are in critical condition but they cannot survive and died.

Chief of Dallas Police Department said that police has successfully arrested that men who opens fire on police officers and further he said that the plain of this shooter is to blast a bomb at the centre of the crowd but police fails his that plain and arrested him successfully.

Brack Obama said that from a long time we are seeing these type of incidents and there are some officers on high post who hated black men just because of the color of their skin so, origination’s have to remove these types of officers who are responsible for these activities.