5 States Voting: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Lead in Presidential Candidates Nominations


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have prepared all to fight each other after leading in presidential candidates’ nominations, while both are confident to achieve the tickets by scoring dominant wins in primary elections on Tuesday night.


According to latest reports, the republican front-runner has named victories of presidential primaries in all five US states by clean sweeping to former United States Secretary of State who scored dominant victories in four out of five.

After achieving crucial wins, Trump declared himself the Republican presumptive nominee though bagged victories from states such as Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland.

He also stormed his rival Hillary saying words as ‘weak, crooked’ as well as also warned her that if she would be president so would be horrible for all, whereas after the latest outcome, Trump and Hillary both have emerged strongest contenders for nominations of presidential candidates.

However, dominant victories of Trump have made close to the number of delegates that what he wanted before the party’s national convention in July, though Hilary rejected a clean sweep by Bernie Sanders.

Nonetheless, Sanders has also decided to fight against rivals till to end of the primaries process after his crucial victory in Rhode Island. The wife of 42nd President of the United States said she believes in the goodness of United States people as well the greatness of homeland.

While Hilary addressed at Philadelphia Convention Center after bagging her prominent victories in four other states, added her campaign is based on ‘bold, progressive goals’ to give better life and system to United States citizens.

Trump’s sweep of the five states has made him so confident and seems to be pretty satisfied to bag presidential candidate nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election.