5 Tourist Killed in Helicopter Crash In Smoky Mountains, Sevierville


Sightseeing Helicopter crashed near Smoky Mountains of National Part Sevierville, Tennessee. Official said several people died in Crash.


In eastern Tennessee, a sightseeing helicopter crashed in the Great Smoky Mountains in which 5 people were died on 3:30 pm of Monday, all 5 people present the helicopter are come from abroad for outing.

According to the official Pigeon Forge Police Chief Jack Baldwin said, the helicopter Bell 206 destroyed by fire after crash of the helicopter seems to have some serious problem in engine, the helicopter is no more left.

Tennessee Emergency Management Association spokesman Dean Flener confirmed late afternoon on Monday that five tourist killed in the crash but there no one on earth affect by the attack as well as the houses near the crashed helicopter were not damaged.

National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Chris O’Neil said that two investigation officers of agency investigate the whole scene of the crash.

Baldwin said that the helicopter coming down to the side of mountain and suddenly crashed at the foot of it, he said that after the crash only the tail fin of the helicopter left otherwise, everything fired in result of crash.

An evidence Shawn Matern said that he was inside the home he saw the explosion right my eyes after the a loud boom, the pilot of helicopter roll out and burning with fire some of the neighbor tried to help but they failed to save him.

Gary C. Robb, a Kansas City attorney who wrote on helicopter crash litigation “it’s far too early to determine the cause of the Sevierville crash, but some helicopter tour operators have been known to be reckless to “thrill the tourists” by flying too close to trees or waterfalls or by dangerous maneuvers.”


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