60 Killed Over 100 Injured Blasts Near Sayyida Zainab ALI (SA) Shrine


Damascus: At least 60 people killed and 100 plus got serious injuries in result of two suicide blasts hit area near the shrine of Hazrat Sayyida Zainab (SA).


Two bomb blasts held in capital of Syria near Hazrat Sayyida Zainab (SA)’s shrine in which almost 60 people departed from that life and 100 people were serious damaged admitted to hospital for better treatment. Militants of ISIS and Al-Qaeda never want to see the peaceful environment in Iraq and Syria that’s why they are trying to increase terrorism.

Last Sunday’s attack also carried by two Suicide bombers but some people on the spot told three blasts occurred. First explosion hit nearly area of Sayyida Zainab (SA)’s shrine when lot of people gathered on spot then two other blasts held and killed 60 citizens and security officials and more than hundred got serious injuries, terrorist were shifted bomb in a car before explosion.

These suicide blasts took several meters place from the big golden-domed holy place but shrine did not take any loss in shape of damages itself. Local television channel showed the footage of loss in result of bomb blasts on that place where shrine of Hazrat Zainab located.

Recently, in Saudi Arabia, terrorists made attack on Shia Mosque in which many people killed. ISIS involved in whole crashing events in Syria because they want only Islamic government and did not face any other Non Muslim power who try to reduce Islamic rules and regulations in Iraq and Syria.

Few days back, two suicide bombers occurred in front of army check posts and blew up their bodies in which 22 people departed from that life included several innocent citizens. Now, Syrian government also increased security of all holy places in his country for getting maximum safety from militants.