85 Years Old Priest Slaughter By ISIS Terrorists During Morning Mass In Northern France


FRANCE: Priest of 85 years is slaughter by two ISIS soldiers during the morning mass in a Catholic Church and other worshippers in that church are made hostages by these two terrorists.


In northern France a church situated in town of Saint Etienne du Rouvray becomes a victim of terrorism on a bright morning at 10 am when the worshippers are doing morning mass behind the father of Church two armed ISIS terrorist entered into the church by shouting Allah Hu Akbar.

These ISIS terrorists are armed with hand guns knives fake bombs and a suicide jacket which is also fake when they entered into the church the worshippers are busy in morning mass at that time terrorist stopped their mass and asked that 85 year old to bow down in front of them and that priest do so at that time terrorist slaughter the father of that church. The name of this 85 years old father is Father Jacques Hamel.

After that the worshippers are very much scared that now these terrorists are going to kill them all and destroy the church but after killing the father the terrorist targeted a worshipper and now that worshipper is seriously injured swinging between life and death said by Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet.

During the whole activity terrorist block the doors of Church but when emerged in front of police, police opened their fires on the terrorist and one of the terrorist is killed by the police named as Adel Kermiche during this whole activity police don’t get a chance to chat with the terrorist that what is their demand.

After that police check the whole church deeply that any explosive material or a time bomb is placed in the church or not but the church is completely clear the main motive of terrorist is that to kill the Priest.