A New James Bond in Hollywood? Daniel Craig is to quit 007, Claim Reports


As reports from the Hollywood industry that the franchise of the character is very busy to find the new James Bond as Daniel Craig quit the 007 or will quit soon and actor has given the great offer from the American Television.


According to some of the reports that star of the series and character James Bond will leave before the end of his contract due to some of the issues last year and in the contract he will have to perform or work in one more with the franchise.

He has asked by the franchise to do and work in another movie he said to franchise to shut up and I will not work in another movie.

According to the report that Daniel Craig has been working in the James Bond Series for more than 20 years and he may leave this hit character and will not work with this franchise anymore as he has been offered by the American TV.

Daniel Craig said that He has no so much time to do another movie of James Bond that will be 007 agent as early Actor had Given the hints to say good bye to the franchise of the James Bond and he also said that he might not leave the James Bond Series as signed the contract to another movie.

Therefore, the franchise is so much busy to find another James Bond like Daniel Craig that might not be Possible.

The Franchise that might be chosen for this Series are Damian Lewis, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender and also may be Idris Elba to play the of upcoming ‘007 Agent’ and is the first ‘Black Bond’. Will the new Bond as successful as Daniel Craig it is still to wait.