A Sued Against Elton John For Sexual Harassment With The Security Guard


Lawsuit against for the sexual harassment by John Elton that he forced himself on Wenninger on many occasions, he also claimed that there is many other incident during employment.


Sir Elton Hercules John is an English singer, composer and also a song writer, he engaged and married with her first lover Linda Woodrow, she was the secretary of Elton but she married with the Germen engineer Renate Blauel because of bisexuality of the Elton John.

Washington: Recently Jeffry Wenninger lawsuit against the Elton John he forced her for the sexual harassment by grabbing his men’s genitals many times on many occasions, Wenninger complaint about three incidents.

In the first complained incident, he said that they both are in the car and the 69 years old singer put his hand in the pants of Wenninger and attempted to grab his men’s genitals.

According to the lawsuit, singer told him to ‘get your tedger out’ and ‘say hello to the Uncle Elton John.’ Wenninger tried to resist physically and verbally but the singer do not deterred.

In second complained incident, both are also in the car his nipple twisted by the ‘Sacrifice’ crooner and said ‘you gorgeous thing, you.’ Wenninger added that there are several more incident during his employment due to this, he left working with Elton in September 2014.