Aamir Khan Going To Play Role Of Tapori In YRF’s Film Thug


Mr. Perfection of Bollywood Aamir Khan is coming back in his tapori style and unted again with his Dhoom 3 director Vijay Krishna Acharya.


One of the Highest paid actor of Bollywood in 2016 Aamir khan has decided not to stop or take a break after Dangal and he has decided to get unite again with his previous director of Dhoom 3 Vijay Krishna Acharya till now Mr. Perfection is busy in the project with Nitesh Tiwari which is Dangal.

First Vijay Krishna Acharya offered hi film to the most talented dancer of bollywood Hrithik Roshan but this Bollywood most talented actor of bollywood is totally dissatisfied from the script and that he is not comfortable in these types of roles.

This Bang Bang actor is now busy in the promotion of his upcoming film mohenjo daro and after that he is going pay his full attention to his home production film Kaabil so he has no free dates for Vijay Krishna Acharya’s film.

After this rejection from Hrithik Roshan the writer of the film goes back to his writing table and again re write the whole script as the first script was totally written according to the acting skills of Hrithik Roshan and the writer pay full attention that this hot bollywood actor feels totally comfortable in this role.

When the writer was writing the script this Three Idiot actor jumped into the scene and told that he is totally agree to play the role of Tapori as in the past Aamir Khan plays the role of Tapori in film Rangeela.

That role of Mr. Perfection is very much loved by the fans and remember the magnificent acting of this actor till now so it hope that he will again Bang on the big screen in Tapori style.