Aamir Khan Making New Upcoming Film About A Young Aspiring Singer


The PK actor Aamir khan is now making a new film for his new film teamed up again with his former manager Advait Chandan because for this film he don’t want to take any risk that’s why now he was again working with his former manager.

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Now the Advait Chandan is making the script and he was giving his best in the script, Advit Chandan was giving a detail account to Aamir khan that what is the story of the film and where it goes and Advit Chandan said that, the film will produce under the banner of Aamir khan Production.

This film is about a young teenage girl who wanted to be a singer at any cost and Aamir khanwill also act in the film and his role will be of a music composer and the cast of the film is not now finalized and the team is searching for the cast.

highest paid actors Aamir khan wants to introduce a new face in his film as a young aspiring singer, he wants that the of the film will not revolve around 3 characters, every character in the film has its own unique role and the role of every character will be well defined.

There is a chance that the cast of block buster film Three Idiots will re united in this new untitled film because now they found a script which has sequel of Three Idiots.

Now the Aamir khan is currently busy in his film Dangal, after completing his film Dangal, than he will consternate on his new untitled film and there are chances that the production of this film will start at the end of this year.

the team is not now starting the new film because till now they have no defined cast and the producer and actor of the film is till now busy in the making of his film Dangal.


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