Afghan Military Operation 63 Taliban killed 11 Citizens Rescued


Kabul: Afghan security forces and military rock on Taliban group with harsh air strike in which 63 militants executed and recently arrested 11 civilians saved by army from the control of terrorists.


According to local news report, Afghan military took big success over Taliban by killing most wanted 63 terrorists in result of air strike in Nangarhar Province but actual data about deaths still pending.

A big secret weapon source also destroyed by troops last day, forces rated and rescued 11 people from Taliban control, government also gave deadline about increase in military operation for coming 3 years.

In past 24 hours, separate military operations completed in 11 Afghan provinces in which 63 freedom fighters killed and more than 50 got serious wounds but 7 troops martyred in that fights.

Interior ministry told in front of media action process against militants conducted after mutual consultation between national securities a force that’s why big success the best thing is that 11 civilians also rescued from Taliban.

Taliban also stayed for the purpose of vibrating Nangarhar province by having developed weapons which will be used against military but forces try failed all plans of militants and seized all explosion material in result of these operations.

Afghan police department produced more harmful rules about safety of people in which most highlighted step is that when anyone see any unlawful activity then inform to security enterprises by dialing tall free number 119.

For the last 20 years, Afghanistan is facing civil war between American NATO forces and Taliban in which thousands people departed from that life but any peaceful law would not come because both parties want to take over the ministry of that country.

Now, another big militant power named Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) made entry in that region against united forces.