Afghan Taliban Suicide bomb Blast at Police Station in Kabul, at least 10 Killed


Terrorists again attacked on a police station held in western part in which almost 10 people martyred on the spot and many were got serious wounds.


A suicide bomber took hide position near a police station in Kabul, when he got chance of explosion blew up his body in front of security office in which 10 citizens and police workers killed and almost 30 damaged after that blast police was making search operation around the complex.

Afghanistan is a country where big civil war between American, British army and Taliban raising everyday but any way about stop of that fight did not introduce by United Nations. Taliban also took responsibility of that attack near police station in which they said that above 20 security officials killed.

Interior Minister of Afghanistan gave a statement in front of media and toll death of only 10 people. A man at the scene told that suicide bomber wants to destroy police station but failed and many civilian departed from that life and many were wounded.

A major conference will be held in Islamabad for the purpose of seeking way out about ending 14 years long war between Taliban and NATO forces. Delegates from China, Afghanistan, Pakistan and United States will get meeting together but militants did not want to see the peaceful environment in country.

On Monday, blast occurred near main door of National Civil Order Police when many people are waiting for security clearance.

A spokesman from Taliban gave statement in which he said that our attacker want to kill all high profile security officers who are leaving in that office but near in future again try to do something big for achieving task.

Recently, terrorist also attacked on many diplomatic offices of India, America and killed 6 people but any government personality did not take any loss in shape of death.