Afghanistan Suicide Bomb Attack on Police Officers Trainee Bus, 30 Police Officers Dead


In Afghanistan a suicide bomber attacks on a bus which carries the under training police officers in result of this suicide bomb attack on bus 30 trainee police men are killed.


This attack takes place at a very slam and peaceful place where there is no population just a highway through which cars crosses in high speed and this highway is 20 kilometer away from the Kabul which is the capital of Afghanistan.

According to the district governor of Pagham Mousa Rahmati these all under training police officers are returning from their training camp after a hectic routine and hard training which is in Wardak province at Afghanistan and these trainee police officers are heading towards the Afghanistan capital Kabul and leaving it to approach their destination.

The spokes person of Interior Minister of Afghanistan have found the location of place where suicide attack is attempted on the bus of trainee police officers but till now there is no other report of investigation as the investigation is still going on.

Zabihullah Mujahid who is a spokesman sends an e-mail to the Associated Press that Taliban has accepted the responsibility of this suicide attack and Taliban also told that there are two suicide bomb attacks takes place in this incident.

This suicide bomb attack is fully pre planed as the first suicide bombers responsibility is that he has to stop the bus than tries his level best to enter in the bus than blew himself with a blast and he did the same but it is not enough for the Taliban.

Another suicide car bomber is in the wait that when police of public comes for the help than police came for the help of these trainee officers that that suicide car bomber moves his car towards the police officers and blew himself too along with the car in this attack 30 police officers including under traning police officers have lost their lives.