Afghanistan’s Jalalabad: Harsh Explosion Near In Pakistani Consulate 6 People Dead


Kabul: The big city of Afghanistan named Jalalabad faced a severe suicide explosion near Pakistani, Indian and Iranian consulates in which almost 2 citizens and four policemen died on the spot.


According to a news report, last day, a suicide bomber reached in front of Pakistani consulate and crashed his car with a police vehicle with a big blast in which almost 6 people were died but all foreign personalities saved their lives.

Firstly, a firing case occurred on that place when security forces reached on the spot a big blast does in which two citizens departed from their lives. During this month, terrorists attacked on two Indian offices in Afghanistan but any big loss not suffers by consulate.

Afghanistan also faced a big civil war for last 20 years in which thousands people killed by Russian and American army for the purpose of getting total control of that country but failed to defeat mujahidin’s activities.

In those days, lot of Indian army and American troops took positions in Afghanistan against famous militant group named Taliban but they did not take any huge success in result of their huge search operation with latest weapons and machinery.

Last week in Jalalabad, a suicide attack held in which little loss of faced by citizens and security officials. Pakistani Government also took the right information about that blast from local authorities.

Pakistan army also tries to decrease all type of harsh activities in his country but till now, many illegal groups are working for the purpose of decreasing the peace and good environment from Pakistan. Recently, Russian fighter planes attacked on target in which they mentioned the death of senior Taliban commander.

Many terrorists worked for the purpose of finishing all Indian, American and Russian political departments from Afghanistan that’s why they increased attacks.