After Killing Judge Hanged In Front Of Public At Farah Province, Afghanistan


In Afghanistan an on duty judge is killed by unknown persons after killing the judge those unknown persons hanged the body of this judge in the main street and this all incident done in Farah which is western province of Afghanistan.


In further investigation it is cleared that the judge is shot by a unknown person in further investigation Mohammad Naser Mehri, the spokesman for the Farah governor told Al Jazeera told that it is cleared that this all activity is done by the Taliban but till now it is not confirmed that which group of Taliban done this.

In investigation it is clear that the first the judge was kidnapped than the kidnappers takes this judge to an undefined place on that place first the judge was teased well than the Taliban takes this judge in the district Khaki Safed on Thursday.

As everybody knows that this district is under Taliban rule and from when the new leader of Taliban holds the charge of this district the ratio of killing and bombing in Afghanistan is increasing gradually.

Than in Khaki Safed this on duty judge is fired with bullets and then on Saturday the dead body of this judge is hanged on the main street till now it is a puzzle that why Taliban don’t takes any action on this dead body at Friday.

Still the case is under investigation and no one is taking the responsibility of this murder even Taliban are not accepting that they are responsible for this murder.

This judge is also getting life threats from Taliban and also from other militants groups but he is not scarred from these threats and performs his duty well it is hope that soon Taliban will receive the responsibility of this murder.