After Massive Earthquake Of 7.8, Nepal Has Done Little To Protect Form Next “Big One”


Last year the massive earthquake in Nepal has killed almost 9,000 people, next one could have been much deadlier but Nepal overcrowding continues but the emergency vehicle and disaster arrangements should be deployed.


7.8 quake hit on Saturday when children were not in schools but the adults are on their working fields, there are thousands of buildings that damaged and destroyed by deadlier disaster, in this 25 April earthquake there around 9000 people who killed as well as there around 800,000 homes that were damaged and destroyed.

in side of Indian border earthquake cause the causalities of 102 people and round 13,000 homes and buildings badly damaged while in Langtang valley 250 peoples reported missing.

There are thousands of people who become homeless because there entire village flattened, including the old building in the different provinces of the country but no significant initiative were made to protect their country from a big one deadlier, 8,000 schools that were damaged last year in earthquake still standing in other parts of Nepal if the bigger one earthquake hit tomorrow, the last year affected areas and school could also be collapsed.

After deadly earthquake some Nepalis, who lost their shelter in earthquake still afraid to live inside the heavy buildings, A Nepali Mahila Prajapati liked to live inside tin shed since the last year quake that crumbled his uncle, he said “I don’t know if I will ever be able to move into brick-and-concrete house again. I saw many people crushed underneath piles of bricks. I still get nightmares,” .

Other people who rebuilding their house, mostly without government help, they choose the option to build their houses with bamboo and wood as they flexible more than brick or stone buildings that crumbled last year, causing over 8,856 casualties but on other side engineer are also working to made earthquake-safe homes and buildings.