Akon Release New Album In This Year 2016 Named “Stadium”


On the Cusp of his first Album “Freedom” in 2008, Akon is all set to release his new album “Stadium” later this year 2016 as he want to steer his substantial fans base away from services like YouTube.

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Hip hop singer Akon is ready to drop a new album “Stadium” later this year after a cusp album of “Freedom” in 2008 and still figuring out his release date for his fourth studio LP as well the singer is planning to go round a tour along with it.

“Smack that” rapper is conscious to give the exact figure for the release at the tail of this year. The Femalefirst reported, at this moment the rapper is at mixing stages and not uttering the exact figure for latest album release but hopefully announcing the exact release date of “Stadium” few weeks later.

The 43-years old hip-hop singer is eagerly waiting to rock the stages all over the world because he never had done an official tour after ‘OMG Tour with Usher’ in 2011 released a statement,

“We will be lining up an official tour for this album. But you will catch me doing spot dates every once and a while at some place in the world, that’s what I’ve been doing for forever. I can’t remember actually doing an official tour.”

The “Smack that” rapper added, “But this time we are going to actually schedule an actual tour. It will definitely be a worldwide tour because we do have a lot of territory to cover, but the dates will depend on the album release date. So once I get that surely after we will have the tour dates and I will announce it.”

In Los Angeles, Akon said he want to steer his fans base away from YouTube and launched a brand new Akon-Branded app where he decided to give away free music to his fans and run the apps by ads, Akon exclusively interview The Associated Press.