Al-Qaeda Attacked on UN Peacekeeping Mali Base, Al-Qaeda took Responsibility


On Friday, four militants occurred in front to United Nation’s base in Mali and opened fire on troops but they failed to get their task and soldiers killed all attackers, famous terrorist group named Al-Qaeda claims the responsibility of that attack officially.


According to a news report, Al-Qaeda increased harsh activities on American and NATO forces for getting control of Syria and Iraq. Two days ago, militants made deadly attack on a peacekeeping base of United Nations held in small city named northern Timbuktu held in Mali but they failed to achieve success and killed by troops on the spot.

Al-Qaeda also claimed the responsibility of Fridays attack on base and gave threats for upcoming attacks on many different soldiers’ camps. In those days, terrorists groups increased deadly attacks in whole region recently, jihadists attacked on a big public hotel held in capital of Mali in which almost 20 people departed from that life and numerous got serious wounds.

Last month, another Malian city damaged by terrorist deadly attacks in shape of killing more than 30 people but any attackers did not depart.

UN security sources told that terrorists entered in whole country for increasing fear in community. The best thing is that Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb spent few time in Timbuktu in which they introduced a big series of attacks but again forces expecting upcoming activities.

Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant trying to destroy the look of many Muslim countries like Syria and Iraq so, they are frightening against American and NATO forces but both parties did not take any big step.

Militants denoted a van near in Malian base and then shooting on troops in which almost 4 were killed by UN’s helicopters and one Malian serviceman become died and other 3 got injuries.