Amber Heard Receives Filed Request From Johnny Depp To Privatize Their Divorce Case


The divorce case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp takes another turn now Johnny Depp requested to Amber Heard that they have to make their issues private it’s not good for their public appearance that their personal matters comes in front of public.


Johnny Depp now totally disappointed and he don’t gets any way out as he is very guilty on its, he officially send a notice to Amber Heart to keep their matters private this is not a reality show that they advertise their personal matters in front of public.

In reply of request Amber Heart legally sends a notice to his husband that to he has show his financial information in front of public in court because Amber Heard claimed previously that she supports her husband her income is very low so that he is unable to full fill his needs.

But this act of Amber Heard puts many question marks on her personality because she shows her monthly 10,000 dollars per month and her expanses of a month are roundabout of 50,000 dollars not court ask Amber Heard to reviles all her financial information that how she full fill her needs.

Now Johnny wants to clarify all the issues and he wants to talk to Amber Heard personally but the previous date of this meeting skipped due to some issues now the new date of their meeting is 15 or 16 August, this time both are willing to meet each other.

Johnny Depp sends notice to Amber Heard twice that they have to deal their matters confidently but both times Amber Heard refuses to sign on that contract now the situation is that this case is getting complicated day by day many members from outside are entering this case which really disturb the case.

After all these complications Johnny Depp starts attending the Meditation classes for mental relaxation this divorce is now turned into a drama and Amber Heard is giving more heap to this Drama by not signing on the documents of making this case confidential.

After all that everyone involved in other issues and forgets that the real issue is of domestic violence these all this don’t exist in this case, it is just a simple case of Domestic Violence but now the situation is totally changed.