Ambush-Style Shooting In Suburban Pittsburgh Kills 5 People, Injures 3


Shooting incident at a backyard house party in suburban Pittsburgh late night of Wednesday, two gunmen left people dead and three wounded, local police informed media.


According to Allegheny County Police report about two gunmen suddenly attacked eight of the people at the home in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, in which four of those died at the spot were reported to be three females and one male.

It also said that other four party-goers got serious wounds hence rushed to nearest medical center, while one of the wounded a female, lost her breath at the hospital because serious injuries.

Although two persons are still undergoing critical condition at the hospital even one of those is a female who is now out of danger.

Those armed persons shot dead and injured people, ran away after shooting them, though after getting phone call regarding the incident, police reached at 1304 Franklin Avenue in Wilkinsburg nearly at 10:54 p.m. on Wednesday late night, Police added.

Police officials also told that a backyard party as well cookout was being held at the back side of the house, though it believes that shooting was carried out by more than two persons.

If Police statement is to be believed so the shooters, who supposed to be multiple, used two different weapons spraying bullets on victims at late night.

Police have also revealed that the shooters sprayed bullet from alleyway to the backyard of 1304 Franklin Avenue, when the partygoers tried to escape into the house but unfortunately at which place an armed person in way of them resisted shooting fires at the back porch.

Four of the victims who died at the scene, were targeted at back porch whereas investigation has been started and soon more information about the incident will unveil what is behind the scene.