Amtrak Train Derailment Near Philadelphia 2 Killed, At Least 35 Passengers Injured


The United State Federal Investigator examines the Amtrak passenger train derailment and recovering the data with the help of Amtrak Train camera videos in Pennsylvania.


NTSB investigator Ryan Frigo said on Sunday accident that the US investigators investigate the derailment, the train containing 330 passengers traveling to Savannah, Georgia from New York city at about 8’o clock in the morning the lead engine train 89 derailed on Sunday morning when the train suddenly stuck with backhoe in south of Philadelphia.

According to traveler of the train “the lead engine was on fire, then the window bursted and some people cut up.” NTSB official said that they taken people into hospital counts more than thirty, Frigo confirmed that the operator of the sucked equipment described as a Backhoe with another people.

But they did not know his Identity, about 35 passenger and a train engineer were hospitalized who injured in the crash but in two of the passenger were badly killed in derailment.

Frigo interviewed to the reporter that, “”As of now we have recovered the event data recorder, the forward-facing video and the inward-facing video from the locomotive to send to our laboratory in Washington, DC.

Most of our team has arrived on-scene and we will be looking at mechanical, operations, signal, track, human performance and survival factors during the investigation.”

Terri Dixon who is the passenger of train reported that there was a fire ball and a big bump but every thing happened so fast that I could do nothing.

The accident took place on south where recently another Amtrak accident recorded in which eight people were killed at time and more than 43 were badly injured.

This time the train run with its double speed limit but the investigators failed to determine the cause of the crash.