Angela Merkel Gives Importance To Migrants’ Posture Before Election Contest 2016


Famous German politician and former scientist Angela Merkel is busy in election campaign in which she is getting lot of supports from refugees to make a good deal with Turkey’s immigration department after wining voting competition on Sunday.


In those days, election process started in Germany in which highlighted candidate chancellor Angela Merkel seems to take over that big victory in history because she want to secure all refugees who entered in her country for the purpose of searching employment and want to transfer their abilities for development of region these are supporting to Merkel in elections.

Recently, a policy presented in parliament about open border concept many were disagreed but woman candidate still giving importance to all needy people for better recruitment in German economy that’s why she having lot of supports about winning the big contest will be held on Sunday for choosing its own candidate everyone know the authenticity of that policy which is enrolled in democratic environment.

Angela Merkel’s unadventurous Christian Democrats also losing their vocational supports from general public in result of introducing some negative steps in ordinance of Germany but she will be looking for big success in respect of launching big developing change in lives of all immigrants.

Mostly people come from Syria and other under develop countries for the purpose of getting better way of employment.

Markel also distressed from many European influential personalities in result of increasing illegal immigrants flow because after completing the election process in Germany she wants to make wide agreement with Turkey for increasing freedom of changing ideas for improvement of any other state.

Few days ago, when news reporter asked from German politician named Angela Merkel about election’s victory then she replied I shall cross my fingers with making huge difference against all other candidates first time in history.