Angelina Jolie Grilled For Four-Hours Sit Down By FBI About Brad Pitt’s Plane Incident


Hollywood gorgeous actress Angelina Jolie has been grilled by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for four-hours over the estrange husband Hollywood actor Brad Pitt about his abuse in private jet.


The Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie has to sit down for consecutive four hours in investigation cell of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about Brad Pitt’s abuse to her and six children in private jet.

The ugly divorce of Hollywood couple has taken a dramatic turn and now its involving their six children who is also questioned by FBI for continuous four hours about her father’s alleged abuse in private plane.

The bitter divorce battle begin since Hollywood couple announced their shocking separation in front of world but now battle reaches to an awkward edge as their six children has to face the intense investigation about abuse.



The “Legends of the Fall” handsome actor Brad Pitt’s abuse allegation rooted in September when actor allegedly drunk too much, aboard a private plane and violently abused his 15-years son. Shortly after the plane incident, Angelina Jolie filed divorce from her long time beau Brad Pitt.

The two FBI’s agents wanted to breakdown each and every move that happened in plane incident as the Department of Child and Family services reportedly widened the investigation and pushed six children in circle of investigation.

because Brad Pitt and Angelina divorce based on plane incident in which Brad Pitt allegedly abused verbally and physically.


Recently, Department of Child and family service has given the temporary custody of children to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie as well allowed father Brad Pitt to visit his children a week after but before first visit to his children he has to take drug test as the department has impose the necessary condition for actor.