Another Attack On The Convoy Of The Turkey Military, 7 Killed


Istanbul: Seven People are killed and several are injured in a blast near the Military Convoy in South East of the Turkey and it is Continue second attack on the military in two days.


According to the reports of foreign news agencies 7 people are killed and several are injured in the blast that is near the Military Convoy in Turkey’s South Eastern region of Diyarbakir.

The injured people have been shifted to nearby hospitals for medical treatment and has not claimed responsibility for the attack on behalf of any group, however, Diyarbakir is considered strongest bastion of separatist Kurdish rebels.

The last day of the bombing in Ankara, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed said, they will continue vowed to continue the fight against terrorists would not back the war against terrorism and He also stated that they will not take rest until they complete finish the terrorism from their country.

In targeting the Military bus they believe that the Syrian that want separate party, are involved but they can fright us by their Blast and their nine members are arrested.

Air Force of the Turkey also Bombard on the bases of the Terrorists in the North of Iraq and keep in mind that yesterday there was also a attack on the military forces Convoy of Turkey near the building of the parliament in the city Ankara.

In this attack of blast on the Parliament building, 28 Officers are killed and more than 60 are injured in which some of them are in critical conditions.

The Prime Minister of Turkey said that they will not Bow their head before terrorism that kill their people of the Country but they will resist against the ‘terrorists’ till death and soon finish terrorism from their Country. It is reported that these attacks are the most horrible in history of Turkey.