Another Student & Black Woman Killed By Police in America


Chicago: A new incident held in America in which a police officer fired on a black women and student in result of that both were died on the spot.

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According to a news report, Chicago police takes the information about a house fight in nearly town then, police force reached on the spot after few time later, on the spot, an police officer fired on a 18 years old student and a black women,  Both were died by chance on the spot.

Officials say that police officer did not want to kill anyone but he fired only for safety of himself however, complete investigation started and criminal will caught early by police. After that, large number of people occurred on roads and protest against activities of police in Chicago.

In last year, police were killed a young boy by firing almost 16 bullets on body in result of that, many people destroyed public properties and also Government properties. Another report told, in 2015, almost one thousand people had died in police activities in which 40% black people died.

Police department was not show the actual name of that person who killed a 55 years old black women and a student by chance in Chicago. People say in media, police reacted with common citizens as freedom fighter in which we have got high loss; we cannot feel any type of peace in America.

Huge protest happened on roads of Chicago when they received the news of death; they want peace from police department and all other safety departments. People want walk out of Chicago Mayor on his duty because he was not control the all wrong activities of police force.

The best thing is that Government also trying to decrease the hate of people for police sector and other defensive enterprises.