Apple Macbook Pro 2016, Macbook Air 2016 Will Not Going To Receive Any More Updates


MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are now coming soon in market and fans are waiting badly to use these latest laptops and Apple insures that these laptops are very different from the other laptops these are not the ordinary laptops like others these are the laptops with special features.


There are rumors that if Apple launch these laptops these laptops will fall in market and unable to compete the other laptops and this is a very disappointing thing for the Apple fans due to this fear Apple is putting a lot of features and upgrades in the laptops because Apple don’t want to take any risk.

As Apple claims that MacBook is lighter and thinner than every laptop exist in the world so this condition is Full Fill in MacBook Air it is lighter and thinner than every laptop and also supports great display with a high resolution panel which increase its display quality.

According to the latest report that Apple has completed its upgrades in MacBook Pro and further there is no need of upgrade in MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro 2016 is the lightest and thinnest laptop of the era as well as MacBook Air the updates of MacbBook Air are also complete so now there is no need of more updates in Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Apple is giving its fan a great version of MaBook Pro by introducing the latest and new features which are never been introduced or even never seen before these features are newly being introduced to the world by Apple in MacBook Pro.

In MackBook Pro Apple is using he Intel SkyLake Processor which means that in MacBook Pro 2016 the operating system is not Apple iOS it’s going to be MacOS now Apple MacBook is going to touch the new level of success.