Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Indian Police Shot Down Eight Militant Of SIMI, Escaped From Bhopal Central Jail

Eight militants suspected to be member of banned extremist group Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), Indian Police opened fires on militants who were...

Tensions Between Pakistan And India Escalated Along Disputed Kashmir Frontier

The Nuclear armed countries India and Pakistan continuously violating the laws of Line of control as Pakistani soldier knock down two Indian soldiers across...

ISIS Jihadists Killed 30 Civilians Of Afghanistan’s Ghor Province Abducted From Remote Provinces

The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria kidnapped dozens of civilians from remote provinces, all abducted victims shot dead to avenge the death of...

Strong Earthquake Knocks Out Power In Western Japan, 7 Injured

A most powerful earthquake strike Western Japan that knocked out the toppled shelves of stores, loose roof tiles and caused strong outages, but there...

India-Pakistan Cross Border Shelling, At Least Three Killed

The situation between India and Pakistan become offensive day by day, the cross border shelling of India and Pakistan killed two civilians of Pakistan...

Mosul Battle Rages On: Iraqi Troops Converge In Decisive Battle To Regain Mosul

The peshmerga has pushed United States, British and French Special forces from east along with paratroops to Iraq as Iraqi troops has battling Islamic...

Russia And India Agree To Sign Energy, Defense And Many Other Deals Of Worth...

Goa, India: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi agreed to sign billions of dollars deals of defense and energy pacts...

Cyanide Coffee Murder: Indonesian Prosecutors Call For 20-Years Jail Term For Jessica Kumala Wongso

The alleged murdered Jessica Kumala Wongso suspected to be the killer of her female friend Wayan Mirna Salihin with mixed Cyanide coffee, the Indonesian...

ISIS Suicide Bombers Attacked On Kurdish Wedding Party, 22 Killed Dozens Wounded

The suicide bomber of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has targeted a happiest ceremony of wedding, the deadly blast resulted in the casualties...

Afghan Taliban Attack On Northern City Of Afghan-Kunduz Overnight

Afghan Taliban militants seized the northern city of Afghanistan and unleashed an assault on Kunduz on Monday, Taliban insurgents entered in the city by...

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