Assassination Of Kim Jong-Un’s Half-Brother By VX Toxin: One Of The Strangest Killings World Has Ever Seen


After this assassination incident, some people has developed a concept in their mind that UN classified weapons related to Mass destruction are being brought in North Korea and they have shown to the world one of the strangest killings by using chemical weapons even at a busy International Airport.

Dose of Nerve agent has been injected to Kim Jong Nam and his death occurred in 20 minutes. Health Minister of Malaysia told that only 10 mg of VX Toxin is enough to get lethal and to get absorb in our system.

Malaysian authorities did not directly mention North Koreans after this murder but they told that there were four North Korean Men who gave two women this chemical weapon which became the cause of Kim Jong Nam’s death.

From experts reviews it has been found that chemical weapon which is used in this assassination can only be made in sophisticated laboratories, North Korean never signed a treaty regarding banning of this chemical weapon.

Kim Jong Nam was not an obvious political threat for his Half Brother Kim Jong UN but still he remained expatriated for years because he was considered a potential rival against Dynastic Dictatorship of North Korea.

Regarding this chemical attack, North Korea has denied every activity.

No protective measures were taken and no areas were restrained off for Kim Jong Nam and there were ten thousands of people present on airport when this assassination happened.

According to officers at incident place they found no traces of VX toxin and they mentioned that place a “safe zone”.

Abdul Samah, Investigation official told that one of the suspected women vomited in taxi on way after killing and it is believed that she was given antidote.

Atropine or antidote is only injected to those people who are in military and they have to work in areas where Mass destruction can occur.

But this antidote injection in women’s body is still unclear and then a question has been raised that how women handled VX toxic agent and why that VX toxin did not affect the workers and people who were helping Kim Jong Nam to get shifted to hospital.