At Least 40 Workers From North Korea Died By Working Abroad Since January


It is reported in a report that more than 40 workers of North Korea are died in this running year by working overseas in different incidents of suicides and accidents due to greater pressure by Pyongyang.


According to the recent reports it is claimed that this running year not proved very well for the people of North Korea people’s who work in the abroad.

because more than 40 people are died in this year till now in different incidents of road accidents and suicides due to paying great stress of the people by Pyongyang for sending more money in its country back.

So these incidents are mostly occurred in different countries including China, Angola, Russia and many others so this data is gathered by some of news agencies of the country North Korea.

It is asked in reports that due to insufficient safety at the work place, excessive of labor and many other problems is still there which raise the industrial problems for the people of North Korea in different foreign countries.

So inhuman behavior and strict control rise the pressure of minds of workers which ended with the result of suicide.

So in report it is also claimed that about 13 people killed in Russia in this running year in which one labor from North Korea died due to fall from the construction site while other two people died due to the fall of elevator in this country.

While in Angola it is claimed that 20 people died due to high yellow fever in this country but in Kuwait one North Korean man is died due to following heart attack on the bases of High blood pressure.

so it is also reported that there are more deaths in this following year because of more pressure paying of sending more and more money back in the country by Pyongyang.