At Least 40,000 People Dying Of Starvation In South Sudan; UN Reports


Geneva: United Nations reported that big African state named Sudan has big problem of civil war and malnutrition increased in south area and almost 40000 people expected to die in result of food crises increasing every day.


Famous United Nation’s food and agriculture department (FAO) released a report in which big search told that 25 percent population of Sudan area waiting quick delivery eatable products and 40000 people are on the edge of devastation because starvation increased many diseases and health problems especially, Sudan children facing bad conditions.

Sudan also producing natural oil in large quantity but fact is that civil war between terrorist and forces destroyed economy of the country in shape of increasing food crises in south region in which lot of people departed and thousands people on the edge of wreckage but might be in upcoming days UN would be send some rescue deliveries for recovery of all needy Sudan’s population.

In those days, two famous militant groups Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda are increasing problems about economy and food shortage in Syria, Iraq and Sudan in result of those food crises took life of many people and almost 40000 lying on clean earth for getting quick aid from other countries.

South Sudan also independent area but now, he is in the grip of messive starvation which wants to introduce risk condition about shortage of eatable things.

Another report told that 4 million people are facing severe conditions of present crises and I million also want quick foreign aid for the purpose of surviving their families.

The best thing is that in 2013, political infighting exploded into violent behavior in the streets of the capital, South Sudan is the big African state now a day, people are in food crises but any one did not give any importance for saving human lives.