At Least Three People Killed By Shooting At Shopping Mall In Washington State


Washington is still in search of the gunman who has killed at least four people at Cascade Mall in Washington State, several are injured, as gunman is still at lager so they lockdown the whole for sack of the killer.


Back to back attacks are hitting United States these days as in recent last night at least one gunman killed about three people and several injured as the result of shooting at Cascade Mall in Washing State so Washington Police has lockdown the whole from since last night.

According to law enforcement confirmation that shooting took place in this area at 7:30 of the local time and as a result three women killed on the spot but and one man seriously injured which is in critical condition.

According to them they have still no idea about that how many people are still lockdown in mall but according to police many people hidden in the shopping mall in different places of mall to save themselves.

Security forces released the photo of shooter which is captured in the CCTV cameras of Shopping Mall which is also carrying rifle so it is described by the police that the killer may be between 20 to 25 years old.

So after this attack emergency service is started n hospitals to attend all the injured in this attack so according to police that they are more actively searching the suspected attacker.

Brandi Montreuil was also watching movie inside the Cascade Mall when this incident occurred and he said he doesn’t know anything about the shooting so the attendant of theatre came and apologized me for stopping movie and also asked everyone to leave the theatre immediately, so when we came outside then large number of vehicles of police were there.

So this is the third incident in United States in recent days.