At Occupied Kashmir Protest Movement Continued for 6 Days, 37 killed


Occupied Kashmir: Situation of protest is still now very critical armed forces of India at Occupied Kashmir still teasing the and killing the protest members Indian Armed forces are treating humans of Occupied Kashmir like they are worst than animals in result of these violent activities attempted by Indian Army 37 Kashmir’s resident are killed.


From Friday to now six days have passed away and protest situation is getting worst every hour protest members are not steeping back and Indian Army getting violet and killing the members of Protest movement there is no authorized origination or person at Occupied Kashmir who is able to ask Indian Armed Forces why they are doing all this and handles this critical situation.

Till now the situation in Occupied Kashmir is that the whole Occupied Kashmir is under Curfew which is applied by the Indian Army the government of Kashmir is now useless and unable to do anything or take any step to control this situation.

Till now the situation of curfew is changing its face into the situation of emergency at Occupied Kashmir business field at occupied Kashmir is ruined badly that time is not far away when people going to die with hunger because all the food points are closed and super markets are closed.

As a general a person just saves food for just 3 4 days in his house after seeing this situation people start stealing the things by breaking the locks of shops this cause a great loose to the shop owners and Indian Army is also stealing the things from the shop and full filling their requirements.

Army is also arresting the senior members of Freedom Movement at Occupied Kashmir as their mind set is that is they arrest the leaders that protest movement will be stopped but the protest movement gain strength after that.