Ataturk International Airport under Attack Suicide Bombing Firing, 36 Killed 150 injured


Three suicide bomb attacks and gun attacks are attempted on Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul which is capital of turkey in result of these numerous attacks 36 people have lost their lives and more than 140 people are injured badly.


Ataturk International Airport is one of the busiest airports in turkey most of national and international flights fly and land here from a long time this airport is under threat for a long time and many times terrorist are arrested from this airport.

The security of airport is very strict every who entered at this airport has to cross from a X-ray machine and on every terminal of airport there is very strict security but the only drawback of this airport is that the security check for cars is limited.

On Tuesday evening three persons entered at the airport first they opened the fire on public that they moved forward and start fighting with the police that two of the terrorist are injured badly and then blew themselves near the X-ray machine due to this blast 36 people died at the spot and round about 147 are injured badly.

One of the terrorist got a chance and entered at the hall and opened his fire than police killed him after that the rescue operation was started and all the injured people are transferred to the different hospitals if Istanbul Ambulances are unable to help all the injured and cannot transfer all the injured to the hospital.

At that time the taxis are used to transfer the injured to the hospital most of the injured are in critical condition some of the injured are also dead till now there is no exact figure of dead people and injured people.

All the flights are transferred to the different airports as till now the Ataturk International Airport is closed.