Australian Man Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis Sentenced For 15 Years To Jail For Sexually Assaulting Children


Australian pedophile old man Robert Ellis has been jailed for 15 years for sexually abusing younger girls in Bali after being found guilty of persuading children to commit indecent act from recent two year.


Australian Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis has been sentenced for 15 years jail for sexually abusing children that include 11 girls aged between 7 years to 17 years.

The old man found guilty of persuading children to commit this indecent act, the case has been opened in Indonesian court on 25 October where 70-years old Australian man sentenced to jail for grooming and abusing the young girls over two years time period.

According to a news agency, Robert Ellis lured his young victims with gifts and money as well to take them to his home in Bali where he bathed and sexually assaulted younger children.

In his statement to Indonesian court, the 70-years old Robert Ellis insisted in court that he did not deserve to get sentence for any prison because his crime was not the serious thing in his point of view, he added in his claim he generously paid them for doing such indecent act.

The head judge of Indonesian court Wayan Sukanila sentenced Robert for 15 years jail as well as imposed fine of two billion ($200,000) although he has option either he paid heavy fine or jailed for additional six months.

The head Judged said that Robert Ellis has destructed the future of 11 girls and the children is the human resource who has to build the countries future, and the ugly old man has also damaged the image of tourist’s destination Bali which has grown a large income for Indonesia but now it supposed to be decreased.