Australian Spy Duncan Lewis Urges All Politicians To Avoid Islam Criticism


The Australian spy Chief Mr. Duncan Lewis has urged all politicians belong to ruling conservative party, stop Islam criticism because it could fuel extremism in country as well raise national security risk, latest reports.


The former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott penned a column for a newspaper, in which advised ruling conservative party’s all politicians that it can’t be denied the ongoing tensions in country in the result of criticism over Islam, reason why it should not be in future because the criticism could fuel the terrorism.

The Australian former Prime Minister statement came after indecent speech of Republican presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump as well United States authorities banned temporary Muslims’ entrance in America to handle the tensions in country which caused by deadliest shooting attack California.

After considering the Tony Abbott’s request, the Australian Security Intelligence Organization Head (ASIO), Mr. Duncan Lewis made contact to politicians belonging the Liberal-National coalition and appealed them to use polite language in their comments on Islam just for sake of peace in country.

The indecent statements or criticism over Islam have been disturbing counter-terrorism offensives so far, while the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has also appreciated on Thursday the request of Lewis and also agreed the harsh criticism over Islam may raise the more risk for peace in country.

Miss Julie also added we should respect the efforts and request of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization Head, described in Sydney.

Nevertheless, the current leader Malcolm Turnbull has answered the request of Mr. Abbott regarding Islam criticism using moderate line because the former PM has also been utilizing hard word against the Middle East’s most dangerous organization Islamic State during his ruling.

Mr. Duncan Lewis carried out phone calls to all politicians just after his an interview with Daily Telegraph, where he emphasized bad words over Islam religious could fuel the extremism as well the tensions with the Muslim community.