Baba Siddique Invited Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan And Katrina Kaif At Iftaar Party


On Saturday Baba Siddique invited Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Karina Kaif along with director Kabir khan and many others guests on its on Iftaar Party at a five star hotel in Bandra.


Every year iftaar party was arranged and many super stars appears in that iftaar party but this time there is a new twist that Baba Siddique wants that in this party only the men are invited.

But then Salman Khan advises to Baba Siddique that this time men are invited in the party along with their partners in this way this party will totally becomes different and ever one got a chance to see the girls too.

The entrance of Salman Khan was expected like a grand entrance with her girl friend lulia Vantur but when Salman Khan appears in the party he was totally alone it was also confirmed that Lulia Vantur was Salman Khan’s ex girl friend.


It was also roomed that Salman Khan gives this suggestion to come along with the partners because he wants to enjoy the party with his ex girl friend Lulia Vantur but no one knows that what went wrong between Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur that Lulia don’t accepted the invitation of Iftaar Party.

In this Iftaar Party the timing of arrival of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan is different this time both don’t enter together as their clash was ended now so these two Khans are now friends again.


In this Iftaar party Shah Rukh Khan appears alone too. Many others guests are also invited Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma appears with her husband holding their baby. Salman Khan’s mother and father both are also invited.

Katrina kaif was also in that party with director Kabir Khan.